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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
All we want for Christmas is…measurable conversion!

If you didn’t start planning “Christmas in July”, we want to be your October Miracle on… to help connect your brand with the gift givers on your list. Like many marketers, all we want for Christmas is…measurable conversion! Most retailers have goals of leaving the competition in the dust (or snow as it were) and …Read full entry

Landing Page Copy: 8 Tips For Hitting the Right Note

You’ve designed a beautiful landing page. You’ve tweaked and tested its responsiveness. You’ve spent hours on keyword research, arriving at what you believe to be a winning blend of high-traffic short-tail and conversion-friendly long-tail. In short, you’re ready for an influx of traffic… or are you? Without effective landing page copy, you risk squandering the …Read full entry

Google’s Pigeon Update: What it means at the local level

It’s been just over two months since Google quietly rolled out the locally-focused Pigeon update. At DAC, we’ve been watching this like a hawk (pun intended), as local search marketing is a critical part of what we do. With millions of locally-focused landing pages engineered for SEO and tens of thousands of local business listings …Read full entry

It’s Not Easy Being Green – Job Search Tips for New Grads

We’ve all been there. Certified, bright, enthusiastic and…GREEN.  We know, it’s not easy but, being green also means you’re well on your way to becoming what you want to be. DAC Group will be working the campus circuit over the next two weeks. We’ll be in New York at Columbia University September 19 and in …Read full entry

Four takeaways from the BrightEdge Share14 Conference

    Share14 was high on my list of 2014 conferences not to miss and it delivered. The impressive speaker line-up included SEO professionals from large enterprise organizations such as BING, Google, M3 and Marriott International sharing insider tips and tactics that we can use to help clients at our own agency. The overall focus …Read full entry

8 ½ Twitter Tips for Brands on Twitter’s 8 ½ Birthday – A Guide to Safe Twitter Usage for Brands

#HappyHalfBirthday @Twitter Twitter is awesome. Its year-over-year new user adoption rate proves it. And, its why I can’t wait another six months to celebrate its awesomeness. Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. By 2012, it had garnered over 500 million registered users and was hosted …Read full entry

Miley Cyrus’ Got (SEO) Juice!

I was doing some research for my job the other day, trying to find images that would help me tell a story for a Digital Marketing PowerPoint deck I was doing. In this particular case, I was trying to illustrate the effect of tearing down operational silos in companies, and thought that a “wrecking ball” …Read full entry

How Important is Local Search Marketing?

Over the course of the past year, I asked 12 prospective clients what they would do if they wanted to find a local business. The overwhelming response from all 12 (as anticipated) was “Google it!”, or something akin. Beyond my first inquiry, I pressed the issue by asking “What words would you use in that …Read full entry

Fixed Budget? Four Steps to Building a Successful Digital Performance Strategy

More often than not, there are two major objectives to consider when leveraging search advertising. 1.   Spend “X” dollars over the course of a contract term 2.  Maintain some form of efficiency; at DAC Group, for many clients that efficiency is measured as cost per lead (CPL) Achieving either of these independently doesn’t present any …Read full entry

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is and how do you leverage it in SEO?

Webmasters and SEO Gurus regularly seek new methods to optimize their web properties and content for Google. What if I were to tell you, there is actually an old system used by Google’s algorithm to better evaluate and rank your content. Could you imagine an old SEO method working in the new digital era? To …Read full entry