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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is and how do you leverage it in SEO?

Webmasters and SEO Gurus regularly seek new methods to optimize their web properties and content for Google. What if I were to tell you, there is actually an old system used by Google’s algorithm to better evaluate and rank your content. Could you imagine an old SEO method working in the new digital era? To …Read full entry

Google’s about-face on real names is good news for businesses. Here’s why.

Last week, Google announced that it is reversing its policy requiring people to use their real names across its ecosystem, including Google+ and YouTube. After a couple of years of asking, begging and cajoling people to use their real names, Google has had to acknowledge that some people were never, ever going to get on …Read full entry

Five Ways Your Landing Pages May Be Missing the Mark (and how to change them)

Screwing up landing pages impacts bottom line.   Landing pages sit at the core of your conversion process and they aim to serve one purpose – get a user to take a desired action. Unfortunately, that’s not as simple as it sounds; if it were, average conversion rates wouldn’t be in the single-digits. So, how do you …Read full entry

Why the Smart Watch is the Next Big Thing and What Marketers Can Do About It

In the not-too distant future, we’ll look back at last week’s Google I/O developers conference as the day that the smart watch really went mainstream. Google announced three new smart watches from LG, Samsung and Motorola that will use the new Android Wear platform. The devices from Samsung and LG are available in the Google …Read full entry

Man vs. Robot: The SEO Perspective

 SMX from an SEO perspective. In follow-up to Scott Ensign’s recent recap of SMX Advanced, I wanted to expand and share some takeaways from an SEO perspective. As always, the SMX team did a fantastic job of assembling a stellar line up of experts to share industry insights and predictions in the world of search …Read full entry

SMX Advanced 2014 Recap: Facing the New Realities

After last year’s SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, I wrote about how the pace of change seems to be accelerating in the search marketing space. The evidence of that rate of change was certainly on display at this year’s conference. The good news is that as marketers, the possibilities are nearly limitless. What’s possible today …Read full entry

Acing the Digital Interview: Passion + Enthusiasm = Interview Success

It’s that time of the year again when instead of competing for the highest GPA grads are vying for a seat at the boardroom table. I had the pleasure of speaking with my nephew who is a second year student in a Business/Marketing program and well poised academically to begin his professional career.  The question he …Read full entry

The Scoop on Converged Media From ClickZ Live,Toronto

On May 15, I had the opportunity to speak at ClickZ Live, Toronto. Representing DAC Group demands that a strong case be made for optimizing results, and the session did just that. In the age of converged media, integrating earned, owned and paid strategy is enriching consumer experiences and raising ROI for brands through effective …Read full entry

Click Fraud: The Dark Side of Digital Media

Recently, a number of DAC clients have expressed concern around Click Fraud and the impacts, if any, it could have on their media programs.  I remember in the early 2000`s, long before automated PPC bid management was in play, having my own concerns around click fraud and actively monitoring campaigns to see if there really …Read full entry

Google’s New Product Announcement Expands Advertising into App Territory

Last Tuesday Google’s #StepInsideAdWords  was introduced to a modest live crowd and sweeping array of anxious Hang Out participants, all eager to learn the next big thing. What we got was somewhat of a surprise, in a good way. Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for Adwords, took the stage to showcase the following: Innovative Ad …Read full entry