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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Best Practices for your Google My Business pages

Google My Business is a vital piece of any brand’s online and presence management strategy plus, a key factor in search ranking. Below, DAC Group’s Rory Scherer guides us through the process. Thanks Rory!    

2014 Local Search Recap

How Important is Local Search Marketing?

Over the course of the past year, I asked 12 prospective clients what they would do if they wanted to find a local business. The overwhelming response from all 12 (as anticipated) was “Google it!”, or something akin. Beyond my first inquiry, I pressed the issue by asking “What words would you use in that …Read full entry

Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study Provides Valuable Insight into Trending Consumer Behaviour

In my past post, I discussed the results of the 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study done by xAd and Telmetrics.  The study found that mobile users were increasingly using their devices to initiate the purchase process, but how those purchases were completed differed depending on whether they were using a smartphone or a tablet. Another element of the …Read full entry

Why Apple’s Move Away from Google Maps is a Big Deal

By now most of us have heard the story of late Apple founder Steve Jobs declaring “thermonuclear war” on Google’s Android operating system. That war, it seems, is in full effect on multiple fronts. Of course, there is Apple’s recent patent infringement victory over Samsung in court (a decision that could have multi-billion dollar implications), …Read full entry

The Best Kind of Test–One Where We Give You the Answers!

When the Internet emerged as a new media outlet, one of the elements that no doubt set it apart from traditional media was its reporting capabilities.  While popular media like radio, TV, and newspapers could  merely estimate usage by consumers, none of them could provide concrete statistics on how many people actually interacted with an …Read full entry

Your Google+ Local Questions Answered

As with any major change, the shift from Google Places to Google+ Local has raised  many questions about what is happening and what the implications will be. Below is a distillation of answers to the common questions that have come up so far about the new interface, how to interact with it and what is …Read full entry

Google Pairs Local and Social with Google+ Local

Today Google unleashed another resounding shot across the bow of players in the social and local space: Google+ Local.  This move will effectively make Google Place Pages a memory, replacing those pages with a new local section of their Google+ social network. This  falls in line with Google’s overall product consolidation strategy, and like Search …Read full entry

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Local Directory Ads

Do you get 80% of your leads from your top four markets? Is your franchise aligned to service only certain zip codes? Do you know what directories (if any) your customers are using?  Successful local search campaigns are built through targeting specific local market areas and ensuring that your message reaches consumers in that area. …Read full entry

Going Social at Local University

Last week I attended a Local Search convention in Ellicottville, NY. Please see my earlier post for part 1 of my recap. In addition to what I learned at Mary Bowing’s session, I gained huge insight from Matt McGee who presented some interesting information on the current use of Social Media and the impact to …Read full entry