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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Rob’s Roundup: I Coulda Been a E-Contender

So much happens in the digital space every day – it can be difficult to keep up. Below, one of DAC Group’s digital strategists, Rob Walker, shares his recap of some of the more interesting bits of news as they relate to brands, business and marketing in a connected world. Game on! E-Sports Set to …Read full entry

Rob’s Roundup: Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout Meerkat

It’s been a busy week. Here’s a recap. Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout Meerkat What is Meerkat? Founder explains most-discussed app of SXSW | MashableSWSX SWSX 2015 just finished up, ending the jockeying quest of thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs and major brands for that coveted social media and mainstream spotlight. And just like every year it’s a …Read full entry

If your campaigns are performing but you can’t communicate results, did they really perform?

A blog post on Barry Inc. training. One of the biggest challenges we have as digital marketers is communicating. The work that we do is technical, the platforms where we deploy our tactics are complex, and the data that we collect can be overwhelming upon first glance. Learning how to communicate in the digital space …Read full entry

Google to once again drink from the Twitter firehose:

Why the new deal works for both of them, and how brands can make it work for them In early February, Twitter confirmed rumors that it would once again offer Google access to a live stream of all of its half a billion daily tweets, something that the tech crowd has taken to referring to …Read full entry

Google’s about-face on real names is good news for businesses. Here’s why.

Last week, Google announced that it is reversing its policy requiring people to use their real names across its ecosystem, including Google+ and YouTube. After a couple of years of asking, begging and cajoling people to use their real names, Google has had to acknowledge that some people were never, ever going to get on …Read full entry

Google’s New Product Announcement Expands Advertising into App Territory

Last Tuesday Google’s #StepInsideAdWords  was introduced to a modest live crowd and sweeping array of anxious Hang Out participants, all eager to learn the next big thing. What we got was somewhat of a surprise, in a good way. Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for Adwords, took the stage to showcase the following: Innovative Ad …Read full entry

5 Tips for Managing Reputation at the Local Level

How do we get more people talking about us? We have hundreds of franchise locations and most of them don’t have any reviews. How do we get more? Someone left us a scathingly negative or unfair review. What do we do about it? These questions come up every day, and tie back into that essential …Read full entry

Google Announces it Will Withhold Keyword Data from Paid Clicks – Is the Clock Ticking on the Keyword as a Marketing Tool?

Citing ongoing privacy and security concerns, Google announced today that it will withhold search term data from paid clicks in much the same way it has from non paid search traffic since the end of 2011. This means that the “not provided” bucket that has haunted search marketers on the organic side will now apply …Read full entry

DAC Group Inc. Releases Results of Annual Kantar Consumer Search Behavior Study

DAC Group and Kantar are proud to release the results of their latest consumer search behavior survey. In its fifth year, the comprehensive study uncovers trends and improves the understanding of consumer media usage in Canada and the US. Results in the categories of general consumer search behavior, mobile, and social search show steady trending …Read full entry

What the Hummingbird Algorithm Update Means for Paid Search

When you lead a paid search team, it’s tempting to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief when a major Google algorithm update like Hummingbird is announced. Let the SEO’s handle this one, right? After all, we’re still recovering from Enhanced Campaigns. Tempting, perhaps, but certainly not wise. Any change to the way Google …Read full entry