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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Is Google Offers the next big thing in group buying, or a natural extension of the local coupon? Does it matter?

The announcement of Google Offers will make a splash. No big deal. But what are the implications? Here are some factors to consider:   Conversion Tracking – For many local businesses the hardest part about search marketing is tracking to conversion. If they could see the effectiveness, they’d probably spend more.  Google offers could provide …Read full entry

With the Past as Our Guide, We Can Define Our Future

”   Norm Hagarty, CEO By now most of us in the directional media industry have heard about TMP’s unfortunate demise. I don’t believe that this kind of turmoil is ever good. It certainly is not good for TMP’s staff, many of whom will face uncertain job prospects (at least in the short term); clients …Read full entry

Does a Local SEO optimized landing page, associated with a local listing, influence ranking?

” While the actual ranking factors in Google’s algorithm are widely opaque, through research we can draw conclusions that drive the strategy of our industry. Recently there has been some good analysis by: Max Thomas and Mike Blumenthal. Constant research is essential. I have set out to look at ‘traditional local SEO factors’ vs. ‘new …Read full entry

Inbound Marketing: Gaining Legitimacy and Popularity

” In light of the recent exposure of inbound marketing, I thought that maybe it was time to sip the kool-aid. I have never thought deeply about inbound and outbound marketing. I understand the principles, but I have usually just processed them and moved forward with the understanding that there is good and bad marketing. …Read full entry

Search and Social are More Integrated in Purchase Decisions than Ever

” comScore and Group M published a report this week about the relationship between search and social media in the purchase cycle of a motivated buyer. This joint study explored how search impacts those who are at the buying stage in their purchase cycle. The findings showed that most people turn to search to help …Read full entry

Good SEO Copy is All About the Motion in the Ocean

” Here’s the quick and dirty truth: if you think that SEO copy has to be boring and robotic either you’re doing it wrong or the Joe SEO that you’ve hired is unaware that even business writing is an art. What’s that you’ve said? Your pages are ranking like a champion? That’s wonderful …but are …Read full entry

Growing Emphasis on Location in Search

“Over the past several weeks we have been tracking Google’s continued emphasis on location in search. During a press conference earlier this year, Eric Schmidt was quoted saying that “”2011 will be the year of Mobile””. Effective mobile search is driven by location. It is natural, therefore, to see location based services as a leading …Read full entry

Why did Google Significantly Change the Way that Some Ads will Appear?

” Google is in the process of making some pretty significant changes to the way that we will see ads appearing on their search results page. Announced on February 3, the location of the first description line for certain ads that appear above the search results has changed. For some ads, where each line appears …Read full entry