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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Apple vs. Google: The war that everyone is talking about

Apple’s recent launching of its own mapping software, to replace the default Google Maps on iPhone and iPad devices, has been described by industry pundits and observers as the latest escalation in a war that is heating up between the two technology giants. Both companies have been focusing on mobile for several years now, and …Read full entry

SMX Recap Day Two: Chasing the Long(er) Tail

This is part two of a three part series on SMX (Search Marketing Expo) 2011 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Read part one here. Have you ever been looking all over for someone only to find out, when you finally locate them, that they’ve also been looking all over for you? If day one …Read full entry

SMX Recap Day One: Chasing Google

This is part one of a three part series on SMX (Search Marketing Expo) 2011 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. My SMX East2011 experience opened with a session called “Which Way Google.” That turned out to be a pretty dependable theme for the day. The session was a panel discussion with In the Plex¬†author …Read full entry

What to learn from JC Penney’s SEO fail

“The news over the weekend, first reported in the New York Times, that J.C. Penney had been slapped by Google for black hat SEO practices raises a couple of big questions and contains a valuable lesson for search marketers everywhere. Let’s start with the big head-scratchers. First of all, how did this happen? J.C. Penney …Read full entry

Live Blogging SMX Advanced – Seattle – Session 3: Pump Up Those Conversions

” 13:55 – Top ad position may not necessarily convert as well as a lower position 13:59 – Segment data to be able to impact actionable results 14:01 – This is some pretty basic stuff, but I expect that it is laying the groundwork for the more advanced stuff – I certainly hope so 14:06 …Read full entry

Live Blogging SMX Advanced – Seattle – Session 2: Targeting the Search Funnel

” 11:08 – People go cross channel and back and forth in how they search as they go through the purchase cycle 11:10 – Leveraging Consumer search journeys -> re-targeting 11:11 – Step 1 – Research – Social Listening Tools, Competitive Intelligence, Database Sources 11:12 – Develop target persona (demographic / geographic, etc) then map …Read full entry

Is Google losing ground?

” I guess the answer to that technically has to be yes. The latest data from comScore shows Google’s share of the US search market dropping from 65.1% in March to 64.4% in April. This drop of about 1% hardly seems cataclysmic, but the overall year-to-date drop is about 1.5%, which can’t be sitting too …Read full entry

Bing it!

” On last night’s episode of Gossip Girl (which I swear I don’t watch, I just happened to be walking past my wife who, to her eternal shame was) two of the characters were arguing a point when one of them told the other to ‘Bing it’. Now, while I’m not an enormous fan of …Read full entry

Yahoo + Bing = Google?

” The January search numbers are out and it’s not surprising that Google continues to reign supreme with nearly 2/3 of all US based searches taking place on the search giant. With such dominance in the marketplace, things look pretty grim for both Yahoo! and Bing who, combined, make up only a 28.3% share of …Read full entry

Bing in the New Year

” The blogosphere has been swirling with reports of Bing gaining market share in recent months, but a closer look at the numbers reveals a good news/bad news scenario for Microsoft. While comScore’s qsearch reports that Bing’s share among the top five search engines has grown from 8% in June to nearly 11% in December, …Read full entry