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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Your Google+ Local Questions Answered

As with any major change, the shift from Google Places to Google+ Local has raised  many questions about what is happening and what the implications will be. Below is a distillation of answers to the common questions that have come up so far about the new interface, how to interact with it and what is …Read full entry

Google Pairs Local and Social with Google+ Local

Today Google unleashed another resounding shot across the bow of players in the social and local space: Google+ Local.  This move will effectively make Google Place Pages a memory, replacing those pages with a new local section of their Google+ social network. This  falls in line with Google’s overall product consolidation strategy, and like Search …Read full entry

GetListed.org Local University

This week I attended Local University WNY in Ellicottville, NY.  Throughout the week I will be recapping that event through a series of blogs. The event takes place throughout the country, hosted by SEO and Local SEO presenters.  Presenters at the session that I attended included: Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, Matt McGee, David Mihm, Ed …Read full entry

Grey Pins are on my SERP

Today Google rolled out some ‘enhanced content’ updates for Google Places. This upgrade is visible with the Grey Pinpoint. Below is a quick before and after shot. The ‘after’ shot shows content that is traditionally hidden on the actual place page. This update puts those important details right on the SERP, making it easier for …Read full entry

How will Apple’s Siri Impact Local Search?

You can ask her anything, she has the answer — or, she will. Siri is Apple’s new voice-controlled personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. Acquired by Apple last year and launched this month, it allows you to talk to your phone and issue it voice commands. Unlike most voice software, Siri has a personality and …Read full entry

Does Google Know Your Business Better Than You Do?

A follow up from yesterday’s post: With several thousand listings in management, DAC Group has more than a few e-mail notifications from Google’s new notification system. This new system was launched after Google caught some bad press in the New York Times regarding, “This Place is Closed.  Not True?”.  Google Places started taking crowd sourced …Read full entry

Google Places and Third Party Snippets

Recently, I stumbled upon a change in Google Places, when looking for an ATM within the mall. Below is a screenshot of the Places page The strange piece of content here is the snippet from Wikipedia. “All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License – Wikipedia.” Alone this info would …Read full entry

What’s Going on with Google Places Lately?

It seems that changes in Google Places occur daily. Since changes are quick, it is imperative to filter what really matters and what will be the impact. Here is a ‘cliff notes’ version of  a few key ‘happenings’ that should help you catch up. “This place is permanently closed, not true?” – this is a …Read full entry

Google Further Monetizes Places by Charging for Directions

With the announcement that they will now charge advertisers when searchers click for directions from a local ad extension, Google has taken yet another step in its march toward the monetization of the Google Places channel. Since launching location extensions integrated with a Google Places account, Google has been pushing the product hard with local advertisers. …Read full entry

Is Google Offers the next big thing in group buying, or a natural extension of the local coupon? Does it matter?

The announcement of Google Offers will make a splash. No big deal. But what are the implications? Here are some factors to consider:   Conversion Tracking – For many local businesses the hardest part about search marketing is tracking to conversion. If they could see the effectiveness, they’d probably spend more.  Google offers could provide …Read full entry