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The Key Word: Preaching to the Conversion Minded
Best Practices for your Google My Business pages

Google My Business is a vital piece of any brand’s online and presence management strategy plus, a key factor in search ranking. Below, DAC Group’s Rory Scherer guides us through the process. Thanks Rory!    

Google to once again drink from the Twitter firehose:

Why the new deal works for both of them, and how brands can make it work for them In early February, Twitter confirmed rumors that it would once again offer Google access to a live stream of all of its half a billion daily tweets, something that the tech crowd has taken to referring to …Read full entry

Click Fraud: The Dark Side of Digital Media

Recently, a number of DAC clients have expressed concern around Click Fraud and the impacts, if any, it could have on their media programs.  I remember in the early 2000`s, long before automated PPC bid management was in play, having my own concerns around click fraud and actively monitoring campaigns to see if there really …Read full entry

Google looks to bridge clicks and bricks with Zavers coupon service

Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges of online marketing has always been understanding the relationship between online and offline behavior. This has been an enormous problem for marketers, but also for Google. Their Adwords product has always provided excellent tracking for businesses who sell online, but for people who rely on foot traffic …Read full entry

“Not All Leads Are Created Equal” – Yellow Pages Provide Highly Qualified Leads

A recent study by CRM Associates entitled “Yellow Pages, Search, and Other Direct Marketing Media: Not all Leads Are Created Equal” reports that Yellow Pages (both print and online) provide higher conversion rates than other direct marketing options.  Although other media may provide more leads, the leads brought in from Yellow Pages come from ready-to-buy …Read full entry

Don’t Write that Obituary Just Yet…Print is Alive and Well!

When I joined DAC Group’s research department six years ago, one of the tasks that landed on my desk was to track monthly the number of Yellow Pages directories in print in both the U.S. and Canada.  I never gave the task much thought, but the figures recently have been hard to ignore.  The U.S. is …Read full entry

Wading through the Shallows: Is the Internet Really Rewiring our Brains?

I distinctly remember reading Nicholas Carr’s cover story in The Atlantic a few years ago that asked the question, “Is Google Making us Stupid?“. At the time, I was pretty dismissive of Carr’s hypothesis that the way we process the scads of information available to us in the digital age is actually changing the way our …Read full entry

DAC Group to Lead CMA Seminar

On Thursday, April 12, 2012 DAC Group’s Ken Dobell, President of Digital, Dan Temby, Vice-President of Digital Platforms, Nasser Sahlool, Vice-President of Client Strategy, and Jon Dyer, Vice-President of Media will lead a one-day Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) intensive seminar in Toronto titled “Lead Generation Minus the Guesswork”. The seminar will feature engaging presentations, interactive working sessions, …Read full entry

Confessions of a Yellow Pages user…

It’s true…I admit it. I have actually taken out those Yellow Pages that sit in my house, and have used them multiple times in the past few years. I know this is not a popular statement to make. In fact, it’s almost shameful. I mean, who uses the Yellow Pages anymore? Don’t they simply function …Read full entry

Results of the 2011 DAC Group and Kantar Search Landscape Study

For the third year, we have conducted proprietary research on the online and offline search habits of Canadians and Americans. This three-wave study includes research from Kantar and comScore. DAC Group’s research was then divided along regional and country lines to glean a clear perspective on the trends and commonalities throughout each region and country. …Read full entry